Reprocessing of Re-usable Patient Care Devices – By Mrs. Gauri Bhatia

How and where to begin ??

Spaulding classification is the reference depending on the application of medical devices, these can be classified as Non Critical, Semi Critical or Critical. And accordingly processing type is decided terms of only cleaning, disinfection or sterilization. Whatever may be the processing method, cleaning is the first and the most important step. This is common to all other subsequent treatment. Thus, while laying down protocol it is very important to emphasize on thorough and timely cleaning. Both these aspects together will result in reduced bio burden which in turn will decide the efficacy of safety level for next use. Thus, here safety is directly proportional to the outcome of cleaning results. If this concept is explained to the team entrusted with this responsibility the chances of accountability increase. Having decided the method, it is very important to write it down step wise and display at work stations. Other important instructions in cleaning area include standard precautions. Cleaning solution, dilution and preparation method, material safety data sheet and equipment operating instruction. Well organized work station needs investment of time, money and efforts but absence of it will cost much more in terms of re work, errors, hospital acquired infections (HAI) and then redressal.

Author: Mrs. Gauri Bhatia
Mentor – Safe Sterile Club
IAHCSMM certified Central Service Expert from Purdue University, Pennsylvania.
Hospital Infection prevention practitioner

Post graduate in Microbiology
Over three decades experience of hospital administration with passion in Operations and Quality.
Advisor –  Hospital Sterile Services Association
Life member – Hospital Infection Society (Mumbai Forum)


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